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at van der Waals forces sites

in all organic molecules!

Named after Dutch scientist

Johannes Diderik van der Waals,

the residual attractive or repulsive forces

between molecules or atomic groups

that do not arise from a covalent bond,

or electrostatic interaction.



Do it yourself, and save money

on products, processes, and services

that don't work permanently.


Understand and Use Odor Liquidator! Testimonials

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Understand and Use Odor Liquidator



Please visit our main web site OdorLiquidator.com!

One Pound of Powder Makes 640-896 oz. of

liquid to spray, pour, or dunk smelly things into: $74.95


16 oz. Spray Bottle: $19.95

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Dead critters stinking up your place?

Can't get rid of that smell in your refrigerator?

Don't know WHAT the odor is?

One pound of Odor Liquidator powder for $74.95.  This will make five-seven gallons of Odor Liquidator liquid without having to ship you 56 pounds of water.  Before everything gets seasonally smelly again, put Odor Liquidator to work for you.  Every Odor Liquidator customer knows, "There's no odor like no odor at all!"

You can speak directly to an expert here, in our Denton, TX corporate offices: 1-940-566-6789 from 10:00am - 8:00pm CST, Monday-Sunday (sometimes we get here a little later on Sunday, you know.  But, we'll call you back as soon as we get in.  Please leave a message.)

You can also order (or re-order) Odor Liquidator 24 hours a day right from our web site: http://OdorLiquidator.com

We drop off at FedEx for Ground or Home Delivery the same day we receive your order... even Sundays.

Be sure to listen to and read real testimonials from:

*Custodians, groundskeepers, and maintenance personnel


*Pet owners and veterinarians

*Carpet cleaning companies

*Medical Examiners

*Funeral Directors

Got some questions about your troublesome odor? Got a dead critter problem? Got a problem with tar? Got mold and mildew odor? Got a pet that won't stop peeing on your carpet? Visit us at OdorLiquidator.com  Or, call our offices in Texas at 1-940-566-6789, from 10:00am - 8:00pm CST.  If it's decomposing, you need Odor Liquidator.

Odor Liquidator is


Created for Medical Examiners to use during autopsy

to get rid of the odor of decomposition.


If it's between 10:00AM and 8:00PM Dallas, TX time...
Enter e-mail address and
your 10-digit, USA
telephone number below.
Then, press "Call Us!"
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Odor Removal Testimonials!

Get rid of strong household odors!

Odor Liquidator completely eliminates odor because, unlike

any other product, it breaks apart the actual odor molecules.

Odor Liquidator does not damage or destroy the surfaces or materials on which it is used.  You can even dunk Alex Rodriguez's 3000th home run baseball to get rid of the smell of the decomposing cowhide!

Odor Liquidator leaves no odor at all! Even dogs can no longer smell any odor, because the odor is actually GONE!

Where there are no odor molecules, there's NO ODOR!

Odor Liquidator was originally created for the Dallas County (TX) Medical Examiner to use during medical autopsy (authorized by the family) and forensic autopsy (authorized/required by law).

So, imagine finally being able to get rid of your difficult odors!


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What About Odor Liquidator's Track Record?

  Odor Liquidator is used from Hawaii to Denmark.  In Hawaii, the U.S. Navy eliminates the unpleasant odors of mold, mildew, smoke and household pets in base housing.  In the northwest, a 40-year veteran of the professional cleaning industry uses Odor Liquidator to liquidate fire damage smoke odor, as well as commercial and residential odors created by food spills, water damage, smoking, and dog and cat urine.  Odor Liquidator is used by many property managers in HUD, FHA, and state finance agency's housing for low-income families, elderly persons and/or persons with disabilities, to eradicate residential odors.  Odor Liquidator is used by municipalities to permanently clear the odors caused by homeless defecation and urination on public property.


Find and Click YOUR state below to see why we say,

"There's No Odor Like No Odor At All!"






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