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The world's safest and most potent commercial odor control agent!

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If you can't get stubborn odors to go away, then Odor Liquidator is what you need to eliminate them. No organic odor is too stubborn for Odor Liquidator!

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If you require assistance with questions about Odor Liquidator please feel free to contact Jerry Gilels
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Odor Liquidator Is the Premier Odor Eliminator Available Today!

Odor Liquidator eliminates the odors of smoke and fire damage in vehicles and structures, the odors of skunk, cat urine, and other pet odors, organic decomposition odors, and odors produced during the manufacturing, warehousing, and transporting of such diverse materials as agricultural
chemicals, paints, and other malodorous products.  Odor Liquidator eliminates your most challenging odor problems while being environmentally safe and good to the Earth.  Odor Liquidator gives you, your customers, and your family "odor happiness."

Okay, So How Does Odor Liquidator Commercial Odor Eliminator Work?

Odor Liquidator's active ingredients are complexing* proteins.  The proteins act to eliminate odor two ways.  First, the proteins block the oxidative process caused by microbial organisms during organic decay.  This eliminates odors at their source -- before they are formed.

Second, Odor Liquidator has the ability to complex or double-bond airborne odor molecules.  This is accomplished either by simple chemical molecule complexing or Van Der Waal's force complexing.  Complexing odor molecules renders them undetectable to the human nose, without impact to the environment.  It also can cause the odor bearing particles to more rapidly fall out of the air.

Odor Liquidator contains one enzyme that acts to facilitate cleanup of organic matter.  The enzyme does not contribute to odor control.  Any offensive smell it might produce is blocked by Odor Liquidator's other complex proteins.

Due to Odor Liquidator's ability to block the oxidative process, it is theoretically possible that it has some anti-fungal, antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.  However, this has not been clinically verified.  So, no such claim is made.  Nevertheless, Odor Liquidator does destroy the odors produced by mold and mildew.

*: complex: A molecular entity formed by loose association, involving two or more component molecules. "Complexing" is the act of forming a new molecule by forcing two or more molecules together and allowing the weak attractive forces to bring them into a loose association.

What Users Say About Odor Liquidator...

"We've tried many odor masks and different types of deodorizers throughout my career.  This is -- without a doubt -- the best and most versatile odor eliminator we have ever used."
" E. E. Hodges, chemical manufacturer, Texas"

"I've never used a product that works as well as Odor Liquidator."
P. Cooper, House Fire Victim, Montana

"We took an extremely stained shirt from the fishing plant and soaked it overnight in a bucket of water with Odor Liquidator.  To our surprise, the next morning, there was not a trace of smelly fish scent on the shirt." W. Mansho, Commercial Fisherman's Friend, Hawaii

"All I can say is Odor Liquidator is the best product in the deodorization field I have encountered in my 34 years in the professional cleaning business." M. Thompson, Professional Cleaning Company Owner, Montana

"It really works!  We are all grateful." G. Snow, House Cat Lover, Florida

"I used your product and it is everything you said it was.  It has saved my rug from ruination."
J. Kopecho, Cat Lover, Florida

"Not expecting more than other products made just for this use, we were pleasantly surprised when Odor Liquidator eliminated our most challenging odor problem." J. Johnson, Wife of Ostomy Patient, Montana

"My only regret is that I don't own stock in this company, because Odor Liquidator is incredible!"
R. Banik, Advertising Agency Owner, Montana

"It's a MIRACLE!"
J. Richards, Centro San Antonio Operations

Odor Liquidator Is Safe to Use.

A complete toxicological workup and evaluation was performed on Odor Liquidator.  The results are contained in the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).  You will note no toxicity despite exposure to extremely large concentrations of Odor Liquidator.  In fact, not only was there no toxicity evident; there was no reaction of any kind to the product.  Odor Liquidator is safe to use.  It is not harmful to humans, animals or the environment.  It does not alter tissue or fluid samples taken during autopsy; even though Odor Liquidator solution is sprayed directly on the body.

Safety precautions contained in the MSDS relate to those individuals with a history of, or the potential for being hypersensitive to Odor Liquidator's complex proteins.  The risk of hypersensitivity is less than that of having an allergic reaction to wheat flour or milk.  Because Odor Liquidator contains natural ingredients and organic extracts, it is possible that some individuals may react to the product with a rash or respiratory problem.

Common sense precautions should always be taken.  Clearly, the product should not be eaten.  Eye contact should be avoided.  In the unlikely event of rash, respiratory problem, or other reaction, flush freely with clean water and/or see a doctor.

A Final Note...

Odor Liquidator is available worldwide.  The solution is strong enough to destroy very difficult odors like smoke, cat urine, and putrid organic decay.  For less difficult odors and to keep your home, office, and vehicles smelling fresh (actually, smelling like nothing), one gallon of Odor Liquidator full-strength solution may be diluted with up to three gallons of fresh water.

If you require assistance with questions about Odor Liquidator please feel free to contact Jerry Gilels who is assigned to this Morganfield Kentucky Information Portal. You can contact Jerry Gilels can be reached at"> or by Phone: (800) 499-9940.

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